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Mountain Mail: 9/19/19

Dear Parents,

We are truly settling into our rhythm here at school. It is a wonderful thing to watch the magic of TMS happen; get them to enjoy coming school, get them to be really comfortable with each other, have them out about exploring - and before you know it they are asking when classes are starting! Primed and ready to learn, your children are an absolute delight!!

Last Friday we went hiking in Solstice Canyon and were so happy to find some water in the creek and some shade amongst the oaks and the sycamores. It was a lovely first hike and though a challenge for some - we all needed to get back into moving our bodies - we all ended up having a wonderful day!

This week also saw our first full day on the mesa, and we all enjoyed the beautiful weather that accompanied it. Everyone partook of ceramics class as well as council, and students chose between their physical elective of horse riding, aerials silks and archery, as well as an art elective of mosaics, drawing, photography or woodwork.

They did discover that its not all fun and games though, as aerial mats needed cleaning!!


TOMORROW we are going downtown to experience first hand a protest march as a whole school.

The Global Climate March and Youth Climate Strike are happening this Friday and next.

As this is a school activity we are going in the spirit of observation and reflection instead of protest. We don't wish for anyone to feel coerced into the action; going without mandatory involvement gives everyone a place to make their own decision as to the value of public protest and how they can find their voice.

The day ties in beautifully to the work we are doing in class. It will stimulate discussions around an awareness of global consciousness, as well a future that effects them all but as yet, without the power to vote, they have limited ways to impact. We will also look at how protests affect local business, city streets and transportation.

We will be leaving school mid morning and be in Pershing Square area for a few hours. We will not be there for the actual march - timing is such that we have to leave to get back to school.

I know some parents are interested in the march; if you would like to pick up your child downtown before we leave and as individuals, stay and participate we can easily make arrangements to meet.

Yummy morning snacks from Deborah to finish up…

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!






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