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Mountain Mail 3/11/19

Dear Parents,

Suddenly we are on a count down to a very busy next few weeks!

This Wednesday 13th is our Fundraising Breakfast. I am jumping straight in to this as we need to talk turkey.

  • First of all - are you coming? We need a final count. Please go to your evite and let us know.

  • Secondly, this is our only fundraiser for the school year. In past years we have asked our parents to give not only money but a serious time and energy commitment. Many of you know what a silent auction and dinner can entail: getting items to auction, selling tickets to attend as well as raffle tickets and then actually spending money buying those same items back at the event. This year we decided to keep it simple - for you.

  • All you need to do is write a check or donate HERE.

  • Our goal is to raise $30,000 with this drive. We need everyone of you to make this happen.

  • So far we have raised only $3375 through evite + $2080 directly from our website (and $2000 of this is from a single donation). We are so grateful to those of you who have contributed but as you can see this falls seriously short of the money we need to stay solvent this year.

  • TMS prides its self on its homegrown sustainability, but monies raised through fundraising events and family donations are vital to that sustainability. This year we are struggling to meet our budgetary requirements. We have had very little opportunity to come together to raise money; our other main event, the Harvest Festival, was cancelled because of the fires. This is it. Please do your part.

  • Not only donate yourself but approach grandparents and family members who recognize the difference that TMS has made in your lives and ask them to give.

  • Most private schools offer less experiences for a lot more money. Your donation is acknowledgment that you value what we do and the education you have chosen for your children.

Thank you.

now take a look at what we have been up to over this last couple of weeks…….

Hiking the Mishe Mokwa Trail: Echo Cliffs and Sandstone Peak

Malibu Creek State Park - GREEN AND Awash with water!!

More mountain biking pics - obviously the place Katie takes her camera out the most!!

And it does seem that standing on desks is a large part of our pedagogy….

More photos of Tasty Tuesday!






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