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Dear TMS Students

I hope you are enjoying your summer. To help you pass the remainder of the time we are requiring that you do some reading! 

You will also need to participate in an online group forum where you will write a review for each book you read.

Here are the steps you need to take to be successful.


  • New students, create a gmail account for yourself. Write down your username and password so you don't forget it!

  • Click the “Apply for membership” link

  • Your request to join needs to be approved by Marcelle (your English teacher). Look out for the approval email and then you can click on “visit the group”.

  • Remember how to do this; you will post your reviews there. See below for how to post.


Choose from the book list HERE for your reading requirements. 

You must read at least two books from the list

8th grade -  you must read three books. The third may be from the list or a book of your own choice. 

After reading each book please write at least a 1 paragraph (5 to 10 sentences) review about the book in the online forum.

A review consists of a short (1-2 sentence) description of the book followed by a personal reflection about the quality of the novel. You will need to succinctly describe what the book is about, explain what the author did and didn't do well, and give a personal rating about how much you enjoyed reading the book and why.


To post a review click the “new topic” button (it is red).

In the subject box write the title of your book and the author. In the text box you can write your review. Once you are done writing your review click the “post” button (again it is red).

Remember to write a new topic post for each book!


to keep you sharp over the summer and get you up and running for the new school year….

Check out this website and practise some skills every week!

Fun Kids Online Math Games

Practice typing. Typing Club 

Free Touch Typing Software

Happy Summer!!






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