Topanga Mountain School

knowledge naturally

A unique and innovative program that provides for a solid academic foundation in core subjects, inspires a love of learning and cultivates compassionate, well-rounded citizens.


 Quaking Aspen 2013

“Knowledge Naturally” is not only the tagline for our school t-shirt: it is the key to our innovative program. Students engage in hands-on experiential classroom activities coupled with an outdoor component that offers full integration into the world we live in. The school week incorporates:

  • Integrated core curriculum of Language Arts, Science, Humanities, Spanish and ability-level Math

  • Immersion trimesters of Art, Music and Drama each culminating in a major showcase.

  • Social Awareness / Community Service Projects with an emphasis on the value and necessity of leaving our world a better place than when we arrived. With a history of service learning projects, TMS remains committed to fostering a progressive understanding of the students’ societal and environmental purpose.

  • Sit-Spots, a personal place in nature which each student visits weekly to map the changes in the immediate environment, to make journal entries, and simply to take time to reflect and learn to be comfortable with his or her own company.

  • Council, where students, in a safe and supportive setting, are encouraged to share the challenges they face as adolescents and middle school students. This helps to allay fears and frustrations typical at this often-difficult time. Council fosters active listening as well as the ability to express feelings in a non-confrontational manner.







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